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I used to be _rednovember

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ANSWER TO THIS COMMENT OKAY. not that other one cause i messed up. SHH


I-- I'm sad about no more RedNovember :( YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY REDNOVEMBER. At least keep the Cabbage Man icon! I can't handle all of this change.

Re: ANSWER TO THIS COMMENT OKAY. not that other one cause i messed up. SHH

for you my love :)

Re: ANSWER TO THIS COMMENT OKAY. not that other one cause i messed up. SHH

Oh, thank you.


Following you over as well! Add, perhaps? <3

I'm still your obsessive fan/friend!


I should note, I don't really post on my journal. I enjoy reading stuff from other people I find interesting, but I don't really.. contribute. I understand if that's a problem. ^_^

I still want to be your friend please!

I'm baking a cake right now. I'll let you have some if you friend me :P

Hey girl...may I friend? :D

I would like to follow you here too.

Recently came back into the A:TLA fandom-- used to read __rednovember, hope to be able to read erradient! :) I'm always fond of finding out the people behind my favorite stories. Please friend back?

Love you, love your stories. But what ever happened to the LTE epilogue? Gutted that it's invisible.

I have a question. Did you ever write the epilogue for Love Thy Enemy? I want sooo badly to read it!!! It's been killing me lately. I recently read your story for the third time. Its my favorite fanfiction, and possibly my favorite story ever. I doubt you'll post the epilogue just because of my one comment, but I'm begging you! And...Ensei was my favorite character so I want to see what happened to him! Pleeeease? :)

Hello! Enthusiastic fan of yours right here! :] You'll let me in, won't you? I'm anxious to know what you write about nowadays.

Oh my gosh I love you stories on ff.net!!!! are you ever going to update your stories?? like the Epilogue for Love thy Enemy?

Add me or not, as you will. I don't presume that commenting on this automatically means I'm entitled to be privy to your thoughts.

Despite the fact that I read it five years ago, I remember THATP so strongly that my emotions are still stirred by the mere memory of it. I didn't cry when I read it, but I was pretty damn close to doing so; if I hadn't read THATP until today/more recently with the increased emotional maturity under my belt, I'm almost certain I would be torn to pieces.

I remember being fascinated not only by your plot and characters but by your style as well. I think it was one of the first times I'd realized that less-traditional styles/formats were even out there - that prose could be something altogether more than what I was used to. I had no idea how the fuck you did it, but I remember being fascinated by it.

I guess, more than anything else, this is a long-overdue and more thorough thank-you for sharing your work.

I hope that, even if you don't post fic (of any kind) anymore and/or choose not to friend, that you at least stumble upon this comment and know your work has had a significant impact on me (as I'm sure it has had on many others).

Wah! Add me too!

Hey! I was looking through old Avatar fanstuff and only just realized your _rednovember wasn't working anymore. Followed the link in your last entry over to here. Mind if I re-friend you?

hi there! another one of your zutara fic fans^-^ i'm adding you in hopes to keep in touch. *virtual hugs and cookies if you indulge me*

Long-time (albeit silent ^^') A:TLA fan of yours. If you're still posting fic, I would love to get a chance to follow you and read it -- and if you're not, I hope you don't mind a fan expressing their gratitude for all your wonderful writing.

I have just discovered you in FF.Net(I wonder why I didn't do back then) and I loved your stories ;w;

Add me? Please?

Happy birthday to a brilliant writer and amazing person. I hope wherever this day finds you, you are happy and healthy and well and living out your dreams!

Friend me please? I love your stories!

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